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What is SaaS Security: Challenges & Best Practices

Obsidian Security is the first truly comprehensive SaaS security solution built for the applications that your business relies on. From there, our platform identifies opportunities to reduce unnecessary privileges and harden configurations while continuously monitoring activity to identify What Is a DevOps Engineer? How to Become One, Salary, Skills threats in the earliest stages of SaaS account takeover. Authentication procedures like multi-factor authentication and access management. SaaS (Software as a Service) security refers to the measures and processes implemented to protect the data and applications hosted by a SaaS provider.

There is a possibility that the customer data could be stored in a different geographical location from the company. It becomes difficult to secure the data in other geographical solutions when the data security laws are different. Skybox Security uses a combination of infrastructure context and threat intelligence to increase visibility of the attack surface across IT, hybrid cloud and OT environments. With this information, security teams can conduct discovery, prioritization and remediation for potential exploits across the cloud.

Information Security

Using weak encryption methods like WEP or WPA to send files between servers is vulnerable. Cyber attackers can easily hack the data within a minute, and they will steal the company’s valuable information. The developers should encrypt sensitive information like API keys, customer records, employee records, billing info, etc. They should miss no data because any unencrypted information will become an access point for the hackers.

Businesses of all sizes – even those with robust IT departments – are regularly hit by phishing, ransomware, and similar attacks, and these aren’t broad-based scams. No, the majority of these attacks target known SaaS weaknesses, amplifying their effectiveness. To protect their systems from such attacks, businesses need comprehensive SaaS Security designed to stop today’s most common system threats, from zero-day attacks to phishing scams.

Address Misconfigurations, and Security and Compliance Issues

To facilitate collaborations among cloud services, a multi-tenancy authorization system (MTAS) builds on RBAC with a coarse-grained trust relation. If this long list of cloud application security risks seems daunting, take heart. The following simplified security checklist will help ease you into the process of securing your SaaS offering. With business-critical services being entrusted with more sensitive business data than ever before, strengthening the security of SaaS applications has never been more important.

saas application security

Another thing that a developer of SaaS needs to follow is to adhere to the local regulations. They are nations that have authorities that issue guidance on using SaaS, the country, like the UK’s national cyber security center, offers essential security reviews of SaaS products. If you follow the regulation sincerely, it will help you have a good foundation for internal security analysis. By connecting to all layers of the SaaS application stack, Axonius SaaS Management discovers both known and unknown SaaS applications.




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