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Most Popular Questions

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What is the DealRoom Nigeria all about?

The DealRoom Nigeria is a matching platform set up to prepare and connect Entrepreneurs to Investors from all over the world who are interested in investing funds into Nigerian businesses in various industries. We are bridging that gap by showcasing viable businesses, startups, and projects to Investors. There are a lot of Investors and funds in Nigeria but most entrepreneurs do not understand how to relate and present their viable business ideas to get funding deals from Investors.

Who are the people behind DealRoom Nigeria?

Our Team and board are led by very high-profile individuals and professionals.

How do I join DealRoom?

It's free to join the DealRoom. Click on and register as an entrepreneur or investor.

How do I get my business funded?

You have to go through the prescreening stage which comes at a fee depending of how long the business or the project is.

Any other cost included after Pre-screening and getting investments?

Yes. We charge 5% of the total funds raised which is paid once the funds are disbursed.

The reasons for pre-screening?

It is specifically to get you and your pitching documents reviewed and ready for investors. We look at your business from the expert perspective and also review your pitch deck, your business plan and give you viable feedback on what to do and what not to do, what you need to add or remove, which is to lead towards your idea, business or projects funding success.

What are the key or basic criteria a business must possess for the prescreening session?

Your Business Plan must be developed and ready with financials. Your Pitch Deck must also be ready which will be screened.

After prescreening, must a business attend the live pitch?

Issues such as Intellectual property rights, valuation of your business, ownership structure, how to showcase the viability of your business, the scaling and growth needs of your business, the financial strategy of your business

How many Investors are on the Dealroom Platform?

In the DealRoom we already have a network of over 200 investors ranging from individuals, Ultra high networth persons, Private equity firms, and venture capital funds, institutional investors both within and outside Nigeria.

Does my prescreening fee include getting all my documentation?

No, it doesn’t. It only covers review of your documents and gets you ready for investors.

Is DealRoom a tech only based platform?

No, we are sector and stage agnostic. We have Investors from all sectors and accommodate entrepreneurs from all sectors.

What are the Requirements for Prescreening?

The prescreening session is NGN50, 000 only. Secondly you will be required to write a basic pitch deck using our template that will be made available to you

How do I pay for prescreening?

Account details are:

Account Name: DealRoom Nigeria

Bank: FCMB

Acc Number: 7052780017

What if we already have the business plan and pitch deck?

Then you are ready for the Pre-screening session.

Does prescreening happen in person or virtual interview, what’s the process like?

Both virtual and physical interview is available, it a matter of choice and situation.

Please note that once you attend the pitch session you are automatically a DealRoom pre-screened deal and we will keep showcasing you to investors till you are funded.

So as a business can you apply to DealRoom for Board members?

Yes, you can apply, we help you recruit board members This takes your business to another level if you have board members. Its key to building a highly structured organization that can be sustained.

Other offerings from Dealroom?

We also help organizations with strategy and business development services Essentially, we are positioned to work with you and grow your business higher and more on the strategies to move your business forward to profitability

Are there considerations and plans on ground for Businesses outside Lagos?

Business Outside Lagos will do a virtual pre-screening and where a live pitch is paid for must plan to attend the live pitch session when its scheduled.

Looking for a Platform to Pitch your Idea and Fund a Project?

We welcome and celebrate different perspectives to help entrepreneur and investosrs.