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What Are the Essential Features of Board Portals for Meetings?

Board portals are an innovation that streamlines meeting management. Contrary to early software that provided access home to board books Modern portals provide more capabilities. You should have a list of questions you can ask during demonstrations.

What are the key advantages of a boardportal?

Board portals allow you to create and distribute agendas utilizing the relevant documents. Portals make it simple to keep track of voting, resolutions, and actions items.

During the meeting, the board can be able to comment and collaborate on documents in real-time across any device and platform. Portals that are focused on security can offer eSignatures to speed up document signatures, and prevent sensitive information from falling into the hands of the unintentional individuals.

The website automatically creates meeting minutes, eliminating the requirement for secretaries to take notes during meetings. This allows your board to focus more on strategic issues and less time on administrative tasks.

Ask about the user-friendliness of the tool when considering a new portal for board members or a re-design of an existing one. Board members don’t have the time to learn about a new program So, make sure you have features that guarantee adoption such as how-to videos, FAQs, ongoing remote training sessions, and a single contact person to get technical assistance. Think about how the pricing structure of your vendor is a good fit into your organization’s budget.




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