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Upcoming Deal Trends

Many companies see M&A transactions as a key route to growth, despite the global economic slowdown. A high rate of interest will continue to put pressure on deals until 2022. In fact, our latest North American CFO Signals survey found that nearly half of respondents predicted that between 1 percent and 10% of their company’s growth this year to come from M&A transactions.

The recent improvement in inflation and rates of interest is a sign that the worst may be over. This, along with the renewed confidence in the US economy and the easing of fears of a possible recession, will hopefully encourage more companies to pursue strategic deals during this year.

In the end, we expect the year ahead to be a thriving year for M&A in a variety of sectors. The industrial sector is likely to remain a top target particularly for acquisitions that focus on cutting-edge technologies like EVs and cloud-based solutions. Additionally, we expect the energy change to accelerate and companies in this sector will likely seek to acquire additional assets and capabilities to enable them to succeed.

After a significant decline in 2022, we are anticipating a recovery in the tech industry in 2024, as artificial intelligence and its related applications (like artificial intelligence that is generative) capture the attention of companies as well as investors and general public. In addition the healthcare sector remains a major area of M&A as investors and companies are racing to bring niche medical technology assets to market.




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