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Technology Trends to Watch

Technology is constantly evolving. Certain trends are slowed down while others gain traction when big brands invest in them or industries incorporate them into their processes. The speed of change is breath-taking and it is crucial for businesses to keep abreast of the latest tech trends to benefit and not get left behind.

Artificial intelligence is among the most popular technology trends. It is being utilized in a broad range of business applications, such as image and speech recognition smart assistants, navigation apps and automation. The trend is likely to increase in the near future as software and hardware advancements make it more accessible and affordable.

The next tech trend to be watched is blockchains and distributed ledgers. This super-secure method of recording and authenticating data could transform a variety of business processes. For instance, it is being accepted by the healthcare industry due to its potential to facilitate trusted transactions.

Biotechnology is the second field which is poised for disruption. It is powered by AI as well as automation and DNA sequencing. Gene-therapies, hyperpersonalized medications, and genetically-based advice on exercise and food are all possible. Businesses must determine their bQ, or biological quotient and decide whether to incorporate these latest technologies into existing R&D projects or collaborate with science-based start-ups.

Drones and drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are also a big trend to be aware of. These devices allow companies to collect data and information from remote or unaccessible areas and reduce downtime and cost.




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