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Parallel space Set up multiple applications on your android phone!


Though Mastodon and Cohost seemed to be popular options for those looking for a Twitter replacement, a new possibility popped up out of nowhere — Hive Social. As long as people know why you have multiple accounts, there is nothing wrong with having them. What you said about having business-related accounts makes perfect sense and is totally valid. The main reason I used them was to split my interests into different accounts so people not interested in one thing I might get side tracked by didn’t have to deal with it.


Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Plann today, and never miss an opportunity for social media success. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the social network has undergone a steady series of changes, from staff layoffs to departing users and a downturn in paid advertising. With many users debating their next steps, you’re probably wondering what all of this means for your social media strategy. Facebook lets you share images and videos, BNB comment on them, and tag your friends. However, when it comes to staying updated with world affairs and news, it is advisable to follow reliable and trusted news sources. Reddit is one of the most popular online communities out there.

YouTube Parental Control: How to Block YouTube Channels and Videos

Quite frankly, I think that anyone who is working on an online business should have a separate business and personal accounts. Are the people with multiple accounts good netizens or are they just sneaky snakes in the grass. While you don’t have to jump ship right away, it’s important to be aware of the current Twitter landscape, and it’s a good idea to start exploring alternative platforms. While paid ads are slowing down and many users are questioning Twitter’s future, a lot of accounts are watching and waiting to see what will happen next before making the leap and deactivating. Starting in October, the $44 billion Musk Twitter takeover is the beginning of an all-new era for the popular social network site.

  • Cases of mistaken identity on the web are hardly a new story.
  • There are also a lot of bots that can be added to your server to help with managing different elements of the server.
  • “This also includes private email addresses and phone numbers entered during login.
  • “Fixing these issues will require temporarily turning off our servers for a couple of days,” the company said on December 2.

The servers have now been restored following security issues that caused the developers to disable the app a few weeks ago. Researchers at Zerforschung discovered security vulnerabilities and warned people to delete their Hive Social accounts and not use the social media platform. When the servers were disabled, the platform developers said it would take a couple of days, but that turned into two weeks. Provider of social management services intended for media accounts.


hive social multiple accounts is a popular Twitter alternative that seems to be rapidly growing as well as getting a large number of users. Mastodon is a self-hosted social platform that is part of the decentralized network. When creating an account on mastodon, you will be asked to join a particular server of your choice. Once you are a part of the server, you can then easily search for your favorite accounts and follow them right away on Mastodon.

“You want to see your friends and family, so we just kept it simple and people seem to really like the chronological feed,” Kassandra Pop, CEO of Hive Social, toldTeen Vogue in 2021. The overall structure of Hive is reminiscent of Twitter crossed with Instagram. A reduced focus on algorithms is one of the platform’s primary differentiators. While it was launched in 2019, the viral Twitter alternative grew to over a million users almost overnight. The dots have been around since the introduction of iOS 14, which launched in 2020, and are actually pretty straightforward and simple to understand once they’ve been explained.

How to set up a Hive Social account

Hive Social is another Twitter alternative that is second to Mastadon. Hive Social can be described as a platform that has a mix of Twitter and Instagram integrated into a single platform. Hive Social promises that it will show you posts on your 0feed in chronological order meaning that you will always be seeing the latest posts at all times.

That’s something that may be tested by a major influx of users, but having a flag to hide this material is probably better than Twitter’s more vague approach down the years. There’s a Discover page where you can see trending content, and profiles even look pretty similar to Twitter. “I was like, ‘maybe now’s the time,'” Cselle told Insider, who reached out and partnered with Oh on their new build.

How to delete a Hive Social account

First, tap your profile icon in the bottom right of the app. Screenshot of Clubhouse social’s app offering in the Apple app store. Platforms like Cohost and Hive Social have expanded to accommodate users seeking alternatives.

How to Get Started on Hive Social – WIRED

How to Get Started on Hive Social.

Posted: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Social networks long before Elon Musk bought Twitter and went fullchaos mode. From BeReal to Gas, multiple new options enjoyed breakout moments as legacy platforms sputtered. The hunt for a viableTwitter alternative sped up after most people on Twitter’s staff were laid off or chose to leave. One social platform that’s gained recent traction isHive Social. So far, Tumblr has seen a significant increase in user activity since the Twitter takeover.

Hive (Social Media Management) Valuation & Funding

We have indexed about 40M twitter accounts at moment, usually updated once a month. If your account is not being indexed/ranked at the moment, the simplest way to ensure that it does is by signing into hive with your Twitter account. As more new users flock to the Hive, it will become more clear what kind of lasting power the app has. Lean into that desire to spend too much time perfecting your profile. Make sure you regularly check for updates if you’re not set up for automatic ones; the app has experienced some buggy glitches in the past with the influx of new users.

alternative to twitter

Here’s what you need to know about the dots that appear on the top of your iPhone’s screen. Hive Social is run by just two people right now, and though it’s been around since 2019, it has only just gained popularity overnight with the current ongoing Twitter drama. If that sounds interesting to you, here’s how to get started with Hive Social. Please note that, currently, Hive Social is only available as an iOS and Android app. There is no website or desktop app at the moment, but these could be possibilities in the future. It kind of defeats their argument in the past that communities would solve the malicious down voting when some powerful user creates a bot that down votes anything in specific communities.

Expanding Our DEI Vision Through Rochester Regional Health – Health Hive

Expanding Our DEI Vision Through Rochester Regional Health.

Posted: Mon, 20 Feb 2023 05:04:02 GMT [source]

Facebook is a large social media network that lets you interact with friends, join and discuss different topics and interests, and your personal updates such as posts, images, and even videos. While Facebook might feel like a platform for sharing memes and personal life updates and posts, you can join many groups to discuss and stay updated. The announcement of the social media platform’s return was revealed on Hive Social’s official Twitter account.

Does Hive work with 2 zones?

How does Hive support a zonal heating system? Hive Multizone will support up to 2 additional heating zones as long as you have a zone valve that the Hive receiver can control in your zonal heating system.

hive social multiple accounts has now added verified links to various prominent profiles. Here’s a look at the alternative social media BNB platforms looking to become the next legacy app. Tap the account page icon on the lower left-hand side of the menu to view and edit your profile at any time. When you click the edit tab, you’ll be able to change your header image, your profile picture, update your bio, add a website, and update your song slots.

  • HIVE accounts are interesting in that the accounts have a financial component.
  • However, -it is up to the user to determine whether the right information is being shared with the audience inside a club.
  • Anyway, I thought the picture would go well with a post about people who hold multiple accounts.
  • Having a separate business account means that I can list the HIVE account as an asset of the business.

The lesson I learned is that one often needs to register the accounts for a project before discussing the project. That means registering accounts that are likely to be abandoned. As you said, there are projects that require dedicated accounts.

When you’re happy with your vibe, tap “save” to publish. Tap the “+” icon in the center of the menu bar to create a post. If your post is a photo or a GIF, you can add a caption, and the image will appear in the grid on your profile. If your post is text-only, it will appear under the smiley face tab.

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