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How to Prepare for a Board Meeting

The best method to prepare is to ensure that your board meetings will be efficient and productive. When preparing for a board discussion, it is crucial to ensure you have the proper equipment and the right space. It is also important to ensure that your staff has the necessary expertise.

Start with setting the agenda. Making sure that the date and time are set well in advance gives your team time to mark their calendars and make arrangements for attendance. You can also distribute the materials for the board well in advance, so that your board members have ample time to examine them prior to the meeting.

It’s useful to ask yourself during this time, what topics are most important and relevant to discuss. It is also important to consider what you would like to accomplish at the meeting, as well as any milestones or actions to reach. This will help you decide the time allotted to each item and will help you keep your meetings focused and on track.

Create a rough schedule and then share it with your board chair, executive team and any other participants. Often, new items will be proposed at this stage, so it’s crucial to be flexible and realistic about how you balance new items. If any item doesn’t seem appropriate for the meeting, think about parking them or leaving them to another board meeting.

It’s essential to have a system in place for recording and distributing minutes. With Boardable, it’s easy to publish and distribute minutes while they are still fresh. You can also assign board members tasks and track their progress throughout meetings.




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