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How to Prepare a Presentation for the Board Meeting

It’s crucial to know what your audience expects when preparing a speech for an upcoming board meeting. A presentation for the board will either: a. keep them informed about an important area of business, or. provide information and context to enable them to dig deeper into a particular topic to aid in making strategic decisions.

Board members have a lot of work on their plate, from having to manage their respective roles and responsibilities as well as supporting the company’s success. They can’t be expected to hash out the fine details of every report or initiative – and that’s okay! Board meetings are for big-picture discussion that will impact the organization’s goals and impact in the long run.

Integrating this knowledge into your presentation could help you transform your presentation from dull or repetitive reporting into strong storytelling that can lead to productive discussions and critical decisions. It also helps to make sure that your audience is comfortable with the language you’re using – for instance, if the Board is not familiar with the specific industry or strategy it’s best to not use jargons that could make them confused.

You might consider incorporating humor into your slides prior to the presentation. It is important to read the audience and avoid making jokes that may not be received well, especially if your presentation is about budget cuts or redundancies. Be aware of the non-verbal communication occurring in the room. 70% to 90% of it is non-verbal.




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