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Choosing a Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence

When businesses collaborate with partners to create products, manufacture building structures or offer services, they frequently exchange contracts, documents and other data. Virtual data rooms allow businesses to share their data without risking security breaches or committing violations to compliancy standards. They make it easy for all parties to locate and examine, as well as redact the data.

M&A due diligence is one of the most common uses for VDRs however there are other scenarios as well. Private equity firms and funds use them to share portfolio data including tax information, fund documents with investors. Investment banks can use these to assist the buy-side and sell-side in financial transactions by helping by preparing documents as well as due diligence, and contract review.

In due diligence, the integrity of a VDR is vital to the successful completion of a transaction. Whether you are sharing a VDR in M&A or a capital raise or other deal, make sure you choose a provider that has proven reliability in its performance and support. Ask your vendor for uptime and downtime statistics and compare these with other different providers.

Be sure to consider the quality of the experience. Look for a vendor that provides easy-to-use features like drag and drop for bulk file uploads as well as at-a-glance reports and custom templates for internal meetings. Make sure the customer service representatives of the vendor are familiar with your company and can support processes similar to yours. This will additional info allow them to offer quick, efficient and thorough support throughout the process.




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