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Choosing a Cloud Data Warehouse

The selection of the best cloud data warehouse can be a lengthy process and requires thoughtful consideration. It is crucial to give each step the consideration it deserves and involve all stakeholders when evaluating your possibilities. Making the effort to do so will help you ensure that your data warehouse meets all your goals for your organization.

When selecting a cloud data warehouse, you need to consider multiple criteria, including the performance and scalability, data integration capabilities security and compliance, and cost-efficiency. Additionally it is important to choose cloud native architectures – a platform built for the unique challenges of the cloud with the ability to manage services in granular ways and continuous delivery.

Cloud data warehouses that are the most effective perform complex analytical queries on large data sets and offer self-service analytics for business users. They should be able to provide an integrated report and analysis and should be compatible with the most popular tools for Business Intelligence and easily integrate with operational systems.

A data warehouse is a central repository of information that connects data from multiple sources, so it can be used for analytics and reporting. It can be used to make better decisions by joining data from different sources, such as ad platforms and transactions platforms, in order to answer questions like “What is our return for advertising spend?”

There are two primary approaches to create a data-driven warehouse: extract transform, load (ETL) and extract, load, transform (ELT). ELT is a first pass approach which unifies the data in the data warehouse, whereas ETL transfers existing data. Both models have advantages and disadvantages.




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